Rev. Fr. Gerald Francis, Founder of SDM, originally was belonging to the Oblates of Marry Immaculate. When he received a special call from Holy Spirit, after duly been discerned in midst of the present realities, he had responded very carefully and planned to spend the all the energies to develop these remote villages. He wanted to develop these villages at various levels like socio, economical educational and pastoral. It was fully backed by his mother Congregation of Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI). Till today they appreciate his efforts to build rural India. Initially he founded a society of St. Eugene De Mazenod (SDM) on 11th November 1990 with the band of three young men. Now it has grown up into more than 135 members hailing from different parts of India. Our society specifically cares the most backward, Dalit and marginalized population of specific age groups of embittered children of orphans, street children, girl children, children of widows, handicapped and totally neglected rural children, Women, widow women, abandoned, unemployed women, suppressed and oppressed Dalit and tribal women in India. It also works out to find sustainable livelihoods for the landless Dalit peasants. We also work for the elderly who is at risk in the rural areas and their needs are totally neglected


The Orgin of my charism has the root in the life of St. Eugene De Mazenod. As a seminarian, I loved to read his life history intensively. His love and compassion towards the poor and needy touched me very much. As a young boy, moved with pity offered his cloak to a poor charcoal worker is still vivid in my memory. Later, as a priest, he took great care of the orphans and natured them. A deep desire arose within me to live like founder
When my non-christian parents became Christians, their close relatives abandoned them and all the helps were denied. My parents with six children lived in utter poverty. At this juncture, providence played a great role in my life. An unknown Australian lady adopoted me and rendered her selfless help till her death. I was very much haunted by a thought, that is “I was helped in my need and it is my turn to help others in their need”. From that time onwards, I

realized my vocation to serve those who are in need.
My opportunity came when I met orphans in Bangalore. Moved with compassion, I wanted to help them. I tried in the orphanages and boarding schools but none of them came forward to accept and help them. My one week of tireless search became vain. I was deeply hurt by the children’s utter helplessness.
A voice within impelled me to start a society to help the helpless. Without any pre-planning, trusting the providence of god and guidance of mother mary, heeding to the call, ventured to fulfill my vision. Hence the society of St. Eugene De Mazenod was born. There is a ray of hope for the million of helpless children to find home in the society.

Very Rev. Fr. Gerard Francis OMI